Hey there, I’m Dey... the girl behind Browgic.

I am a licensed esthetician and cosmetic tattoo artist in the State of Florida.

I’ve been exposed to the beauty industry from a very young age (my mom owned several beauty salons while I was growing up) and learned a lot from spending countless hours after school inside a beauty salon. When I was old enough I helped my mom manage her salons but shortly after I decided to move to Florida where I started to work as a makeup and skin care specialist for various luxury brands like: Lancôme, Dior and Creed just to name a few.

After working in the retail side of the industry for over 10 years, I heard about microblading, I did my research (and got it done as well), and learned how to do it myself and that’s how I decided to quit retail and go back to my original roots and open my own practice so I could focused on my new passion; brows!...... and so I did In 2016 in the Deerfield Beach, FL area.

Since then, I’ve performed close to 1000 procedures and have serviced hundreds of clients, I’ve also been able to help dozens of students start their own journey by providing individual and private brow trainings.

For quite sometime I’ve been wanting to start some sort of blog where I could talk about my personal experience as a Microblading artist and trainer, review products and also share some of tips and tricks to help upcoming artists that are getting started in this field and might be struggling or have doubts, and now my vision is finally coming to live with this blog. This is a new and unexplored field to me so I’m open to hearing your feedback and get better at it every day.

Thank you in advance for supporting it and I’m looking forward to interact with you guys.

Remember: it’s not magic, it’s BROWGIC