Brow Powder or Brow Pencil?


This is a question that I get asked by my clients all the time; what do I think is better? a pencil or a powder? This is really a matter of a personal preference based on your individual needs such as your skin complexion, lifestyle and even the weather plays a big role in answering this question.

Before you look into what’s your favorite makeup brand; you should determine what would work best for you and your desired brow look. Asking yourself the following questions might help you decide what’s the right option for you.

-Do I want a soft natural look or do I want more definition?

-Do I wear little eye makeup or do I like a more dramatic look?

-Do I have oily skin or is my skin in the dryer side?

-Do I need color all over my brow or do I just need to add small details?

- How much time do I have in the morning to get ready for work/school?

Using your own answers a guide; here some info on both textures:

BROW POWDER: the powder is great to create a soft natural look when it’s applied correctly. It works well for people who don’t want to spend much time doing their brows at home and tend to be more basic with their everyday make up application. Pretty much the powder will add some color to your brows without a harsh look. The brows will look subtle and natural looking.

BROW PENCIL: the pencil is a great option for a more dramatic and structed look. Typically, people who like using a pencil tend to spend a little more time defining their bows. In most cases, pencil users like to add other brow enhancers like gels or highlighters to accentuate and make the eyebrows pop more. In addition, retractable pencils are great to add texture and fill-in small gaps by adding strokes to missing spots.

My very personal preference for my own brows and for client’s brows is a retractable POWDERY BROW PENCIL…… YES!!! Is the best of both worlds!  I like the natural look from a powder but I also love the definition of a penciled brow. As a brow artist, I’m not a big fan of anything that has a waxy texture to add color to brows, in my opinion, the excess of wax can cause build up that could interfere with hair growth if not removed correctly in addition to leaving eyebrows feeling heavy and solid looking. With that said, try to stay away from heavy textures to keep your natural brows nice and healthy.  My two favorite brands for this type of pencils are: PRECISELY. MY BROW PENCIL by BENEFIT ($24) and MICRO BROW PENCIL by NYX ($10).

Thanks for reading my very first blog! I’m so excited to share my knowledge with all of you.

Xoxo Dey

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