How a marker made me feel more secure

One of the hardest things to accomplish when working on brows is symmetry..... let’s face it! it’s HARD!, but once you achieve a desired look you want to make sure you have a guide so your work comes out looking as even and symmetrical as possible.

When I first started doing Microblading I had a hard time transitioning from the first pass to the second pass because I was terrified to lose my guide when I would wipe off the excess.... sometimes I would draw super long lines on my clients foreheads and noses just to have some kind of guide to keep working safely and would cross my fingers that I was still blading according to my mapping.

The struggle was real, after trying some tricks and spending a ton of money on waterproof pencils and sharpies, I discovered the Surgical Marker! And that was exactly what I needed...

The ink in these markers are far stronger than even a sharpie. I can easily wipe the brows  after several passes and the ink is still there... this literally helped me to get more relaxed when I work and not freak out anymore.

The only bad thing is that when they are brand new sometimes the ink doesn’t completely come off by the time you’re done with your procedure..... but it’s better than sending your client home with crooked eyebrows..

I buy mine on eBay or Amazon and they come in a sterile pouch with a plastic ruler.

If you are a new microblading artist you will definitely benefit from using these markers.

Thanks for reading.


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