Inspired by a special client


One of the nice things about meeting all these girls that come to me to get their brows done, is that I get to have great conversations with them and I learn a little bit of each client I see.

Every now and then I get to meet someone who’s story inspires me.... for example: sometime in November I met Kyss.
Kyss is in her early 30’s and is a single mom of a beautiful 2 year old boy.
She moved to Florida recently and she wanted to treat herself for the new year by getting her brows Microbladed. Long story short: she found me!

From the moment I spoke to her over the phone I felt like we had a connection and when we met in person I could see why.... Kyss has a difficult time walking due to a stroke that she had while she was pregnant, she had to get brain surgery due to the stroke. Now she has to do rehab to slowly get better. I’ve never heard of a pregnant woman having a stroke and brain surgery!.... that really shocked me specially because she is so young!
But despite the fact that she is living her life with a disability, in a new state where she is all alone and being a single mom of a young child; she’s actually is full of life!
I love that about her! She studied fashion in NYC and she’s getting ready to launch her own children’s collection! That’s so awesome, a true entrepreneur.

Her drive and her positivism is a true inspiration.Talking to this girl was like a wake up call to me. Sometimes we take for granted things like just walking and yet we complain for stupid stuff. Her story made me stop and reflect on all the things I’m so grateful for.
Kyss was so happy with her new brows.... and I got to meet an exceptional human being!
Thank you Kiss ❤

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