Who’s the Browgician?

I will start by introducing my self...... Hi! My name is Deyline Bedoya and I’m a beauty enthusiast in my early 30’s.

I’ve been in the beauty industry practically my entire life..... yes no joke! ... my mom used to own beauty salons since I was a baby so I was raised and grew up surrounded by the loud noise, the distinctive smell and the fun atmosphere of catering clients. The only quiet time was at home really....
In my teen years my mom taught me how to do nails and other beauty services and by the time I was 17 I was already managing one of her salons all by myself! That was a huge accomplishment for me since I was so young.

Shortly after my mom decided to sell her salons and live a more modest life because she needed a change and was getting worn out so we moved back to the United States.

At this time I started working as a makeup artist for a department store.... I worked for different vendors including Lancôme, Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder and others.

I loved this new stage of my life because it was so much fun playing with makeup all day.

After several years I transitioned to the treatment and fragrance side of the beauty industry where I learned things I would never imagined, this side of the business taught me how to be more confident and elocuente with my conversations with clients and it gave me a some sort of security for possessing all this knowledge.

I dedicated close to 12 years of my life to the corporate side of working on the “beauty retail field” until I started to get an itch for independence...
I felt trapped having to ask my boss for a day off and getting a NO for an answer.... what a bad feeling that was!
I felt like I was losing the passion and drive that used to make me jump off my bed every morning to get ready to work.
So, one day I woke up and I said to myself: you can do this! You can start your own business girl!.

I really wasn’t looking to become rich, in fact I was willing to adjust my lifestyle and simplify my life, all I wanted was to have freedom.

And so: I did! It’s been a few years since I opened my little nail and brow studio in Florida and I haven’t looked back.

I will tell you more details about my story some other time as if you are like me you probably won’t like to have an enormous blog to read every time but just wanted to share a little bit of my background so we can bond...
thank you for reading
❤ Dey

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